From Corporate to Entrepreneur

Are you . . .

Confused by the conflicting opinions of experts?

Wanting a road map and a plan that works for who you are?

Ready to run with your passion and never look back?

You can Succeed on Your Terms


Tessa Alburn

"Grow your business and make more money by following a roadmap designed for you." ~ TLA

You’re giving everything you can to your new business, but the path is not clear.

And you feel like you’re losing out and going down roads that just don’t cut it.

Cookie cutter strategies keep hitting you in the face and they mostly conflict with your authentic self.  

You can’t seem to find the approach that works for YOU and allows YOU to be truthful to who you are and how you want to present yourself.

And your confidence has begun to falter, and you’re swirling in all the choices……perhaps even wondering if you made the right choice to leave corporate.

You did make the right choice for YOU.

Yet what you really need is one on one mentoring so your time and resources support you at your best, and you can have the quality time you crave as you watch your client pool and bank account grow.

Because when we work together, your focus will become clear and you will adjust your energy to attract your true clients in, so synchronicity begins to happen making it easier for you to:

For the last decade, I’ve been helping women just like you turn the corner and walk through business and leadership barriers of the past so they can finally express their highest gifts in the world, and receive the recognition they desire.

Instead of highfalutin overly complex strategies and flashy bells and whistles, they focus on key mastery energy shifts and authentic choices using a roadmap designed just for them to get them earning while learning.

If you’re a new entrepreneur who’s tired of the conflicting opinions of others and you want to know . . .

What will get YOU to the success you desire in the most gracious, authentic way and. . .

If you’re beginning to get that you need more actual mentoring and not just advice then. . 

Go from confused to clarity!

Success Stories

Tessa has exactly the qualities of a seasoned professional and partner that I want.

In addition to possessing special skills, she has the ability to present her knowledge in a clearly articulated manner.

Tessa is highly proficient at discerning and creating group experiences and behavioral anchoring with inspiration, compassion and groundedness.
Sabine Grandke Taft
Founder and Creator, Radiant Embodiment & Symphonic Touch®

Tessa is priceless! I highly recommend her.

Stacy McAlpine

CEO and Founder of Journey Fuel (VIP Coaching Client and Private VIP Day)

You can Succeed on Your Terms

Organizations Tessa supports. . .

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the nature conservancy
K9s Saving Kids
Hearth Math Institute