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Guiding Professional Women Leaders

Tessa Lynne

Guiding Professional Women Leaders

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About Tessa

Over the years, through my own training and the support of amazing mentors, I have learned many things that women entrepreneurs like you run into or do that cause quagmires, frustration and too much of your well-earned resources.

My joy is in supporting you to make wise decisions based on what will work for you.


As an entrepreneur, you must learn to express yourself as a leader, to develop your niche, to market to it, and to have offers that work for you as well as for your clients. As I walk with you along your journey here, we might find that you also will need to learn how to tune in more to your intuition. And the most important thing of all is that you learn how to make key decisions throughout the creation and unfolding of your business.

Tessa Lynne Alburn

You see, you can’t make a real difference if you are stuck in the muck of your energy drains or trying to please people who aren’t actually your ideal clients!

Instead, you will need to have your own blueprint, your own roadmap – one that does not leave you subconsciously trying to please others, including those so-called experts in the field

I’m here to affirm that you are enough and your way is enough.

Years ago, I was stuck on the hamster wheel of getting a better job, of proving myself, of being extraordinary–but without receiving the pay or recognition my hard work warranted.  What I learned on the way to this point truly set me free to be myself.

I learned to make business decisions – hard ones that were really uncomfortable for me to make.

I learned how to say “no” to the tempting opportunities out there, which were really designed to make me work for someone else’s vision.

And most of all, I learned how to move into completely new territory – the territory of abundance, including a six-figure income – which was far beyond anything I had dared dream of as a younger woman.

“Each of us has a new path awaiting us – the key is to open your eyes and walk through the door, even when you don’t know the outcome; take aligned action in trust of yourself and the Universe. My job will be to support you in remaining on course and giving you practical steps that align with YOU for your purposeful journey.”

In the past twenty years I have designed hundreds of transformational classes, retreats, and products, from which thousands of clients have benefitted.

I took my passions in metaphysics and psychology and combined them with Instructional Design techniques which helped me lead virtual group classes. While I was in a key position as a Facilitator Trainer for a well-known organization, I helped elevate its projects to the level of leadership programs, and became a certified life coach.

Since 2010 I have been the Director of Training and Master Coach at the Institute for Living Courageously; in conjunction with them I developed a program in leadership and energy mastery.

Incidentally, I started out my professional life as a classically trained vocalist and flutist, and I was able to transition into the business world, build a career there, make a difference, and make a good, stable, six-figure living.

Here’s the thing…

You don’t have to do it from scratch or try to figure it out all on your own. I have walked it; I have overcome the past. I have broken through and I know how to guide you so you can access your authentic action, so you can create the success you want on your own terms.

It would be an honor to get to know you and support you in your successful soul-connected business, so you can truly make a difference, and have both the meaning and the money you desire.

Here are some Success Stories so you can see what’s possible:

rachel janaallen flower

“I love how Tessa helped me build a comprehensive, easily assimilated program in a way that brings out the best in my clients. Across the board it’s a joy to work with her.”

When I was designing my intensive for entrepreneurs, I knew I needed Tessa’s wise, experienced eye to look over things. Her phenomenal course design skills, her attention to detail and flow, and her ability to create organized structures was a huge blessing.

Secondly, Tessa is an awesome and inspiring facilitator.

We have co-facilitated several workshops and retreats, and I’ve always been struck by her ability to tap into the group’s energy and know where everyone needs to go – and then help them get there in a fluid, honoring way.

Tessa holds a powerful container for peoples’ transformation. People are able to open up naturally, and access the shifts they seek inside themselves with a sense of safety and ease.


Rachel Janaallen Flower, Speaker / Author / Trainer


“Tessa is priceless! I highly recommend her.”

Stacy McAlpine, CEO and Founder of Journey Fuel

Marni Battista

“Tessa is a genius. The process that helped me create has changed lives significantly, and I am blown away by her magic.”

When it came to creating my signature 3-day transformational retreats, there was no other person in the industry I would even consider hiring other than Tessa Alburn.

Tessa used her vast experience and creativity to help me create the processes that best utilized my knowledge AND also created a life-altering transformation for my clients.

The process that Tessa helped create has changed lives significantly, and her work as a co-facilitator is unparalleled. And her entrepreneurial and leadership wisdom has contributed greatly to my business.


Marni Battista, CEO, Dating with Dignity & The Institute for Living Courageously

Sabine Grandke Taft

“Tessa has exactly the qualities of a seasoned professional and partner that I want.”

Tessa helped me create clarity in my business structure, and she has the ability to present her knowledge in a clearly articulated manner.

In addition to possessing special skills, Tessa is highly proficient at discerning and creating group experiences and behavioral anchoring with inspiration, compassion and groundedness.


Sabine Grandke Taft, Founder and Creator, Radiant Embodiment & Symphonic Touch®

Raeeka Yaghmai

“I’m so grateful for Tessa. With the work we did, my business started thriving and I’m now a leader in my industry.”

Raeeka Yaghmai, Founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence™

“I can’t thank Tessa enough for helping me shift into inspired action and receive the gifts from the Universe.”

When I couldn’t see how my idea was going to really become a viable business with consistent income, Tessa coached me and helped me to change my thinking and the way I was connecting with people. Due to my new energy, I was totally able to fill my workshop in plenty of time, and then I got several VIP coaching clients from it!

Now I know the sky is the limit. With Tessa’s support, things have started to be more fun vs. stressful.  And the pressure I was feeling before with my consulting clients has also been relieved…

“I am so grateful to have Tessa as my mentor and coach!


Aleya C., Certified Life Coach, No. California

Beth Hart

“Tessa is a 10 in my book.”

I was specifically wanting to create a Journey for my clients.  A thread that ran through the training and connected everything together so that when people finished it they would feel like they had been on a truly transformational journey – and not that they had been through a typical, run of the mill training. I wanted the quality of my training to be the highest possible.

Even though I knew our course creation was going to be special, even I was blown away by how great what we created was. And also how we did it in such a short amount of time!  We managed to knock out an awesome 5-day training in just hours! Tessa remains on the top of my go-to list for transformation.”

And in addition to her business skills and expertise, Tessa also helped me become a prosperity goddess!


Beth Hart, Founder of Hart Journeys LLC and Director of Change Management Consultant

“I learned so much about how to build better relationships so I could build my referral business.”

Tessa helped me grow as a CEO, business woman and business owner.

I truly appreciated Tessa’s care and guidance through the ups and downs of a burgeoning business in a competitive industry.  Her guidance and support has been incredibly helpful.

Tessa helped me understand how to build my referral business and how to deepen those relationships… and I’m selling! I’m converting the right people!

Now I’m ready to focus on scaling my business, and continue to increase revenues in my six-figure business while I make a difference.


J. Painter, CEO and Business Solutions Provider

If you want to be totally confident, then you’ll want Tessa by your side.

Tessa brought tremendous expansion, creativity and connectivity to our graduate programs. Her instructional knowledge and vision was a great asset, she took our ideas and ran with them!

Tessa helped us create virtual and live workshops, while inspiring and guiding our teaching faculty on to even greater heights. One of the greatest accomplishments was her Facilitator Training program.


Liza Ingrasci, CEO & President of The Hoffman Institute Foundation